Forest in Her Class Dress

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Forest in Her Class Dress
As the last slide of your environmental presentation fades to black, your classroom erupts in applause for the stylish gal perched by the projector. Dressed in this leafy-green, long-sleeved shift, you confidently introduced your peers to the many forests of the world and illuminated stunning facts and statistics. The fluttery overlay of this keyhole-backed frock kept you comfortable in front of the crowd, while the straight and scalloped tiers cascading to your dress elasticized waist brought the lush look of the canopy into your outfit. Proudly, you shake your professors hand, slip your laptop into its handy felted cover, and walk your lace-up, hiking-inspired booties back to your seat
- your demure gold studs twinkling as radiantly as your beaming smile. Its only fitting that this smart outfit would accompany such an accomplished scholar!
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